Michael Rapaport Gets Snowballed While Ranting on Instagram Live: 'Shut the F**k Up!'

The 51-year-old actor is passionately talking about cancel culture during an Instagram Live session when an angry New Yorker suddenly attacks him with a snowball.

AceShowbiz - Someone apparently doesn't appreciate Michael Rapaport's ranting. The 51-year-old actor was passionately talking about cancel culture during an Instagram Live session when an angry New Yorker attacked him by throwing him a snowball at him.

During the Instagram Live session on Thursday, February 3, Michael slammed those who called out Whoopi Goldberg following her controversial comments on the Holocaust. "You know, this whole crap with this cancel culture and the...," Michael said, but he couldn't finish his words as he was pelted in the back of the head with a snowball.

The screen went white immediately. A man, who was likely to be the one who threw the snowball, could be heard yelling at the actor, "Shut up, Shut the f**k up. Nobody wants to hear it."

The man went on to say, "You've been talking all f**king week . We don't care what you have to say. Just stop talking." To that, Michael responded, "You got me right in my f**king head, a**hole. Damn it." He then cut the video off.

Michael then posted the video of him getting snowballed on his Instagram page. "RANT GONE WRONG," so he captioned the clip. Not even trying to hide the incident, Michael also shared the video on his Twitter account.

"Some a$$hole threw a snowball at me while I was in the middle of my rant. Does anyone know who this is? I'm very upset by this," so he tweeted on the blue bird app. It remains to be seen if the incident was a genuine attack by a stranger or if it was a prank that he did with a friend.

The snowball attack arrived just days after he filmed a man shoplifting at a local Rite Aid on the Upper East Side on Sunday, January 30. "I can't believe I'm seeing this s**t!" he said. "He's walking down the street like s**t is Gucci, he looked me in the face like ''what's good.' '' I was watching him the whole time! My man just went Christmas shopping in January."

"Duke just went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING at @riteaid I'm TRIPPING this happened in broad day like it was nothing. New @iamrapaport discusses it all. I was just informed this Rite Aid is closing 2/15 because of this, leaving the workers JOBLESS," the "Heat" actor wrote alongside the video, before tagging the drug store chain and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, "@ericadamsfornyc YO."

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