Candace Owens Suggests Bob Saget's Death Might Be Caused by COVID Vaccine
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Pushing her unbased vaccine theory, the conservative political commentator says, 'There are too many healthy individuals, like Bob Saget, who we know have received their vaccinations, who are dropping dead, suddenly and unexpectedly.'

AceShowbiz - Candace Owens used Bob Saget's death to push her anti-vaccination stance. The political commentator has suggested that the comedian passed away because he received COVID-19 vaccine. While the official cause of death has not been revealed yet, she believes that the "Full House" star's passing might be linked to the jab.

During the Tuesday night, January 11 episode of her self-titled online talk show, Candace rhetorically asked whether she was a "conspiracy theorist" or "Nostradamus" when it came to denouncing vaccines as dangerous and ineffective. "The answer is neither," she declared.

"I'm just not on Big Pharma's payroll and I refuse to peddle in their lies. And so to that end, today, I'm going to point out another truth and it will likely be deemed a conspiracy theory until it's not," she explained. "There are too many healthy individuals, like Bob Saget, who we know have received their vaccinations, who are dropping dead, suddenly and unexpectedly with no further explanation."

Further pushing her unbased theory, the conservative author claimed, "Healthy athletes, young students in their physical prime, the majority of them males, dropping dead suddenly and unexpectedly in the middle of games from heart issues. What we know for a fact is that these people are being mandated to take the vaccine."

Many quickly refuted Candace's comments. After a clip of her show was posted by a Twitter user, one weighed in, "None of that is true. Men are not dropping dead in ways other than covid, for no reason, in weird numbers for our time. All she did was say those words, none of that is true. When someone says '...we all know... ' stop, no we don't. The counting is required, then we do."

Another agreed as saying, "@RealCandaceO none of this is true. Young uninfected healthy men are not dying in larger numbers. Saget recently had Covid. I personally know of young men dying unexpectedly shortly after 'recovering' from Covid BEFORE there was a vaccine."

"IIRC people who recovered from covid have higher instances of heart attacks and strokes," a third commenter pointed out. "The virus seems to have some effect on blood clotting long term (as well as a load of other things)."

"The death rate of the unvaccinated is significantly highest that the death rate of the vaccinated. How come she's not asking questions about that?" another remarked. Someone else sarcastically said, "My cousin shot himself on xmas eve. I still suspect it was the booster though."

Bob was found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando on Sunday, January 10. Cops said "there is no evidence of drug use or foul play," while recent reports said he apparently died in his sleep without suffering.

An autopsy has been completed, but the official cause of death remains unknown "pending further studies and investigation which may take up to 10-12 weeks to complete." Meanwhile, authorities allegedly suspected that the actor died of a heart attack or stroke.

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