Selena Gomez Defended Against Slander for Looking Different in TikTok Video

The 'A Year Without Rain' songstress sparks debate on the Internet after she appears to have a bigger face in a TikTok video which features her lip-syncing Doja Cat's 'Get Into It'.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez can count on Selenators to protect her against any negative social media comments. The actress/singer recently caused people to raise eyebrows with her quite unrecognizable look in a TikTok video, but her fans have come to her defense.

In the said TikTok video she posted on her account last week, the 29-year-old star filmed herself in a car while she lip-synced Doja Cat's hit "Get Into It". Dressing casually in an oversized sweatshirt, she wore minimal makeup while accessorizing with large hop earrings.

Noticing her different look which was likely attributed to her swollen face, one person stated, "That's not her omg." Another exclaimed, "who tf is this cause it's not Selena." A third remarked, "Wait she looks hella different."

Another baffled user asked, "What's going on with her face???" A fifth similarly inquired, "She's beautiful.. what happened to her? She looks a tad bit different." Someone else acknowledged, "She looks different," before adding, "but still pretty."

Noticing the negative comments, some people have hit back at the naysayers. "She has lupus y'all chill," one told the haters. Another offered a similar explanation as saying, "And before y'all start...she has lupus guys!!"

"This girl jus got nominated for a whole GRAMMY ion wanna hear no slander. She killing it," a third fan told the haters. Someone, meanwhile, gave an elaborate explanation, "Selena has lupus which probably contributes to her face being larger. Don't start with the ignorant comments because y'all did the same thing to Chadwick & didn't know he had Cancer until he died."

In the meantime, Selena debuted her new hair look in season 3 trailer of her HBO Max cooking show "Selena + Chef". In the promo video, she sports blonde hair as she proclaims, "I'm back, and I'm blonde." The new season of the series is scheduled to premiere October 28.

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