Amy Schumer Feels 'Stronger' After Surgery, Reveals She Had Tumor in Her 'Endo Ravaged Appendix'

When sharing an update on her recovery, the 'Trainwreck' actress claims she is now 'a changed person' after ' all my lifelong pain explained and lifted out of my body.'

AceShowbiz - Amy Schumer feels "stronger" after undergoing surgery for endometriosis. When sharing an update on her recovery, the "Trainwreck" actress revealed that she had a tumor in her "endo ravaged appendix."

Making use of Instagram, the 40-year-old shared some pictures of herself, two of which saw her having a meeting with her surgeon, Dr. Tamer Seckin. She kicked off her caption, "Im feeling stronger and thrilled about life. I attached the audio of @seckinmd going over my pathology with me if that interests you."

"I cry through most of the findings. I had a tumor in my endo ravaged appendix. Chocolate cysts in both ovaries," the comedienne added. "Endo of the uterus, psoas all over all my lifelong pain explained and lifted out of my body. I am already a changed person. I am busting with joy for the new energy I have to be with my son."

"Thank you @rachelfeinstein_ for getting me this shirt I needed to let people know what's up. And anyone wondering if this is connected to my difficult pregnancy and hyperemesis I say f**k yes!" the mother of one further divulged. "I can't answer medically because there is no research on this s**t because they only happen TO WOMEN."

Amy went on to argue, "There is no time to study them because all resources need to be funneled into researching ERECTILE DISFUNCTION. THERE IS BARELY ANY RESEARCH ON ENDOMETRIOSIS WHICH OVER 10 percent of women have. ALL FUNDING SEEMS TO GO TO D**KMEREGENCIES." She concluded her caption by asking Melinda Gates, "How about we help this?!!"

The post arrived one week after Amy had her uterus and appendix removed. "So, it's the morning after my surgery for endometriosis and my uterus is out. The doctor found 30 spots of endometriosis that he removed. He removed my appendix because the endometriosis had attacked it. There was a lot, a lot of blood in my uterus and I'm, you know, sore," she said in an Instagram clip shared on September 18.

Amy has been open about how her endometriosis has affected her fertility. In August 2020, she declared that she and her husband Chris Fischer are not planning on having another child after welcoming 2-year-old son Gene. "I decided that I can't be pregnant ever again," she told NBC at the time. "We thought about a surrogate, but I think we're going to hold off for right now."

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