Asian Doll Deletes Social Media Accounts After Misgendering Nikita Dragun in Transphobic Message

The raptress is involved in a heated argument with YouTuber Nikita, who identifies as a trans woman, after the latter calls out Asian in her new song and video and accuses her of copying her style.

AceShowbiz - Asian Doll a.k.a. Asian Da Brat has deactivated her social media accounts after getting backlash over her controversial tweet. The raptress was involved in a heated argument with YouTuber Nikita Dragun, who identifies as a trans woman, after the latter called out Asian in her new song and video.

In the said video, Nikita accused Asian of copying her style as she showed a picture of Asian donning an outfit that Nikita previously wore. Catching wind of the diss, Asian clapped back at Nikita in a tweet which read, "Nikita will get dragged by his bald head. What do they call boys that pick on girls? Bullying."

Asian's post backfired instead as people attacked her for misgendering Nikita. In response to the backlash, Asian explained, "I'm wide awoke I love transgenders & they love me that boy seem like a angry racist cause a transgender has never come for me ever."

Asian went on to say in a separate post, "I'm not drunk wtf." She continued misgendering Nikita as she wrote, "why Is it okay for him to disrespect him but I can't wtf that boy done lost his rabbit a** mind."

Both Asian and Nikita then found their names trending, prompting Nikita to respond to Asian. "Respectfully [Asian Doll], this statement was to show that Trans women set THE trends for cis gender females," Nikita wrote. "Yet never get the credit. This was not meant to be shady towards u. U just happened to be an example."

Nikita added, "Trans women are the most beautiful creatures to walk the earth. i've never seen a cisgender female even come CLOSE to looking how my sisters look."

After the whole drama, fans noticed that Asian's accounts on both Instagram and Twitter were not found.

Some fans, meanwhile, thought that both Nikita and Asian were in the wrong in this case. "Asian doll wasn't wrong for dragging Nikita, she just didn't have to misgender Nikita," a user wrote on Twitter. Another person said, "Nikita & Asian doll are both wrong. Period. Nikita weird for doing all that & Asian doll weird for being transphobic. If you respected trans women as women, when Nikita did that you would have addressed her the same way you would if a cis women came at u. Say u transphobic & go."

"Nikita Dragun is messy, made a video 'outing' tyga, used Asian doll's picture to say she was copying her style THENNNN had the nerve to say black women aren't the blueprint and we get our style from people like her ?? Mam …," someone else noted. "Asian Doll is 100% wrong for misgendering Nikita but y'all let Nikita disrespect folks especially BLACK people & especially black women. How you gonna say black women don’t add to the culture when you try to emulate us every way? You need to seek help, beloved," another person opined.

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