Tones and I Plans Retirement as Singer as Fame Made Her Feel 'Gross'

The 'Dance Monkey' hitmaker wants to quit performing and hopes to transition into becoming a songwriter for other artists because fame took a toll on her mental health.

AceShowbiz - Tones and I is preparing to step away from the spotlight because of the toll it takes on her mental health.

The musician, best known for her global hit "Dance Monkey", told Australian radio hosts Gawndy & Maz she'll "give myself another four years" of performing before transitioning to songwriting for other artists.

"I don't know how much longer I'm going to be Tones and I for," she said. "I mean, realistically, I'm going to give myself another four years (of performing) and then I want to be a songwriter."

"As soon as my mental health isn't wanting to do this, I'm stopping. I'm not pushing through this; I want to be happy."

Last week (ends18Jul21), the star, real name Toni Watson, who recently released her debut album "Welcome to the Madhouse", admitted being famous made her feel "gross" and left her struggling with crippling self-doubt and anxiety.

She told the Carrie & Tommy radio show, "People kind of want you to hate yourself a little bit. (When you're) busking, no one cared what you looked like."

"I never looked at myself and thought anything. And through that whole first year (of mainstream success), I thought, 'I am gross, I am not good looking, I am just gross, I should hate myself.' "

"I thought, 'No, you shouldn't think like that, don't be stupid. Don't throw away your integrity. Don't change anything about yourself.' "

"But it was a long time and I don't think anyone is prepared for that. I was really caught off guard."

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