Wolfgang Puck Recalls Hilarious Conversation With Ariana Grande Thinking She's a Student
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The celebrity chef, who once appeared on 'Iron Chef America', hilariously asked the 'Side to Side' hitmaker, 'No school today? You're all out,' when she dined at his Bel-Air restaurant.

AceShowbiz - Wolfgang Puck has reflected on a funny moment he experienced with famous faces. When looking back at the time Ariana Grande dined at his restaurant, the celebrity chef recalled a hilarious conversation he had with the "Side to Side" hitmaker as he mistook her for a student.

The 71-year-old chef shared his story on Monday, June 21 during his virtual appearance on "TMZ Live". He began to say that he often sees famous faces in his restaurant, but sometimes he couldn't remember their names. "You know, the funny thing is often I look at them and I said I think I know them. I don't know from where, maybe they grew up with me or something or we went to high school together," he confessed.

"And then they told me like, uh, Ariana Grande. I walked and I said hello and joked with them," Puck continued. He then revealed the moment when he mistook Grande as a school student, saying, "And I said, 'Oh, no school today? You're all out.' " He also confessed, "I didn't know exactly."

Though so, Puck explained that Grande, who came to his Bel-Air restaurant with her husband Dalton Gomez and her friends, called him back and asked if they could take a picture with him. "And then they invited me to go karaoke singing," the chef, who appeared on "Iron Chef America", went on to say, adding that in return he invited the couple to his kitchen and taught them how to cook.

Puck did capture the meeting with Ariana in a picture. Posted on his Instagram page on June 7, the image was captioned with, "Always a pleasuring having good company at @hotelbelair! Thank you for coming by @arianagrande!" The couple's visit to the restaurant was believed to be Grande's first post-wedding, public appearance together with Gomez.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Puck admitted that he once saw another famous couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at his restaurant at the Pendry Hotel in West Hollywood. He also mentioned that he also recognized singer Christina Aguilera.

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