Dixie and Charli D'Amelio Call Out Paparazzi for Making Them 'Super Uncomfortable'

The two famous sisters share that they have tried to talk to the paparazzi as Charli even says that she feels she forms a 'great friendship' with them until they cross the line.

AceShowbiz - TikTok stars Dixie D'Amelio and her sister Charli D'Amelio have had enough with paparazzi invading their privacy. On the "Charli and Dixie: 2 Chix" podcast, the famous siblings took aim at Kevin Wong and PapGalore, two paparazzi who have allegedly stationed themselves outside of the D'Amelio house.

"Please stop waiting outside my house. [It's] super weird, super uncomfortable--big invasion of privacy," Charli, the youngest of the D'Amelio daughters, said. "Home is supposed to be a safe space, not a place where you have people waiting for you."

Dixie then added, "I think it's really funny because every time I leave my apartment they're illegally parked right outside. Then they follow me all the way to your house."

The two sisters also shared that they have tried to talk to the paparazzi. Charli even said that she felt she formed a "great friendship" with them until they crossed the line by waiting outside her home. "I understand that this is your job, but just the waiting outside the house thing really isn't cool. It's so weird," the 16-year-old Internet personality added.

With the paparazzi camping outside their house, Dixie claimed that it made her super uncomfortable to even listen to music. "I like play my music super loud and it's super fun. And then I can't even do that because my car--the speakers, you can hear the music outside of the car and I get embarrassed," she shared.

"I try to get away from them but they still follow me everywhere and I just don't get out of my car," the "One Whole Day" singer divulged. She understood that the paparazzi might be forced to do that because they got "zero content from anyone" due to COVID-19 pandemic that requires people to be in self-quarantine, though she thought it was "still so weird."

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