Celebrities' Refreshing New Looks for Spring 2024
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A number of actors and singers are trading their darker locks for lighter tresses, while some others do not hesitate to cut their hair short to switch up their looks in this season.

AceShowbiz - Spring is here and the days suddenly look brighter now. As flowers are blooming and bringing colors to life, many celebrities also resolve to adopt refreshing looks for the season by experimenting with their hair.

A number of actors and singers are trading their darker locks for lighter tresses, while some others do not hesitate to cut their hair short. As it is not too late to change your own hairstyles before season changes, here are some celebrities' refreshing new looks this spring to inspire you.

1. Dixie D'Amelio

Dixie D'Amelio

This might not be Dixie D'Amelio's boldest hairstyle, but she cannot be unnoticed with her recent hair transformation. The TikTok star, who had gone from long hair to buzz cut before, dyed her black hair blonde, which celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos described as "French vanilla blonde." The 22-year-old still maintains the length of her hair though.

2. Beyonce


So much has changed about Beyonce Knowles these days. From branching out to country music with her new album "Cowboy Carter" to embracing cowboy style, the 32-time Grammy Award winner switched up her hair again. After going platinum for a while, the "Texas Hold 'Em" darkened up her blonde with a rich caramel shade with highlights which she debuted for the launch party of her haircare brand Cecred.

3. Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning
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While Elle Fanning had sported super short red hair for her role in "3 Generations" before, this may be her most dramatic hair transformation yet in real life. The actress, who was identical with her long blonde silky hair, chopped her hair for the spring. She debuted her slightly longer-than-chin-length bright, bouncy bob on Instagram in late March, just days before her 26th birthday on April 9.

4. Delilah Hamlin

Delilah Hamlin

If looking different is what Delilah Hamlin aimed for, then she has reached her goal. The model is almost unrecognizable with her dramatic hair makeover, which she debuted at FRAME event in Los Angeles earlier this month. The actress' shocking transformation features golden blonde bob with a cyber-punk vibe with its almost white-blonde hue, a far cry from her previous long, mermaid-style waves.

5. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves
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Fans should also commend Keanu Reeves for switching up his look this spring. Having sported long, shoulder-length bob for years, the actor ditched his signature hairstyle for a classic clean crew cut. While it's likely that the "John Wick" star cut his hair shorter for a movie role, fans were not less happy about his fresh look.

6. Rihanna


Rihanna has been experimenting with her hairstyle for the past few months before she underwent her most dramatic one in March. The Fenty Beauty founder showed off her short, light new hairdo when spotted in Santa Monica last month, chopping her long locks which she dyed darker before.

7. Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Megan Fox really went all out with her recent hair transformation. After rocking long pink tresses for several months, the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" actress showed off her new look on Instagram earlier this month. The 37-year-old star cut her hair shorter and traded her cotton candy pink locks for bubblegum blue tresses, making her look totally different.

8. Zendaya

Cover Images/Instagram

Zendaya Coleman entered her "Challengers" era with new hair. The Emmy-winning actress drew attention when hitting the red carpet of the movie in Paris with a honey blonde bob, ditching her natural brunette hair. Further enhancing her look, she later added bangs to her new hairstyle.

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