Asian Doll Calls JT 'Monkey' in Nasty Twitter War Over Feature on Megan Thee Stallion's Song

The 'Unfuccwitable' rapper and the City Girls member call each other out on social media amid the drama over a collaboration with the 'Hot Girl Summer' hitmaker.

AceShowbiz - Asian Doll is embroiled in a Twitter spat with JT of the City Girls. The online feud started after Asian Doll played her unreleased verse on "Do It on the Tip", a song off Megan Thee Stallion's debut album that features the City Girls.

Asian admitted that, while she was originally upset, she has moved on. The "Unfuccwitable" star wrote in a tweet, "I was (mad) but ima Sagittarius we get mad then 10mins later WE DON'T GIVE A F**K BOUT NUNNADET SH*T. (sic)"

While Megan kept silent, it didn't sit well with JT as she accused Asian Doll of being a clout chaser in her cryptic messages. "If you know it's gone draw attention & cause commotion … why speak on it? Mind you lying! But GO OFF!" the City Girls member responded on her page.

Asian Doll was initially keen to keep the peace with JT. "If JT ain't say my name then she wasn't talking to me," she told her followers. "Stop being messy cause what I said was between me & Megan!"

But she has since changed her tune and got into a full-blown war of words with JT.

In one fierce exchange, Asian Doll wrote, "Nobody mad but you monkey," after JT tweeted, "Y'all h**s always mad at the wrong ppl & that's the last thing ima say! Cause frfr I don't give af bout nunna da s**t."

Asian Doll and JT get involved in a Twitter war

Asian Doll and JT get involved in a Twitter war

JT also scoffed at Asian Doll for calling herself "pretty." She snarked, "Get a PRETTY hit record h**," to which Asian raged, "ION GIVE A F**K BOUT NUNNADET SH*T. YOU DONT EVEN OWN YOUR RECORDERS H**. B***h mad cause I'm tweeting about how pretty I am wtf if you ugly asf**k JUST SAY THAT."

JT responded by boldly tagging Asian, "I got time because b***h you love internet attention! B***h be in they own world it's getting sad now @AsianDaBrattt." And Asian was quick to react, "YOU NOT THE ONLY UGLY B***H IN THE WORLD SO IDK WHY YOU EVEN GOT MAD I WAS TWEETING ABOUT 'BEING PRETTY.' "

"Girl bye, swear I'm not mad I'm chilling with the n***a y'all claim I chase. Waiting on my damn food," JT wrote in another tweet. "Bye beautiful. Maybe this could ya new songs some listens cause it's getting desperate."

While JT deleted her tweets, Asian Doll kept hers as she went on about how JT was actually a fan of her, "B***h you literally beefing with yourself @ThegirlJT you use to sing all my song JT since 2016... idk why you so mad & fasho we can meet up ANYWHERE & REALLY FIGHT I'm ready WHENEVER YOU ARE."

"B***h you remember my outfits from 2016 yeah you BEEN a fan," she continued. "Jt didn't you say 'ASIAN DOLL WAS THE 1st B***H TO SAY PERIOD ON A TRACK.' "

To prove her point, Asian added, "Just like you said I was the 1st b***h to say period on a track now you saying 'idgaf bout NUNNADET s**t' proves you been a fan & gone forever be one."

"This h** losing her mind b**h just talking shit For what? Who even said some to this h**," she said before explaining why she felt the need to respond to JT, "just yesterday you wasn't talking bout me. now today you tough."

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