Asian Doll Sparks Dating Rumors With Mystery Man, Angers King Von's Fans

The romance speculation arises after the 'Twice' raptress posts on Twitter photos of her with her male companion during dinner, prompting people to feel disappointed that she's moved on from the late rapper.

AceShowbiz - Asian Doll a.k.a. Asian Da Brat may have found herself new love now that her grieving period is over. The raptress has sparked dating rumors anew following the death of King Von, whom she dated prior to his sudden and tragic passing in a shooting last year.

The Dallas native, whose real name is Misharron Jermeisha Allen, caused the talks about her supposed love life after she posted two photos of her with a mystery man on Twitter. In the images she shared on Saturday, June 19, she appeared to enjoy a dinner date with her supposed new man.

Asian was scantily clad in the pictures, wearing a pink bra top that barely contained her assets as she sat behind the table where some delicious-looking meals were served. In one of the snaps, she gave her male companion a side eye while he seemingly talked to him. Laughing at her poses in both pictures, she simply captioned them, "Being Mean," with several face with tears of joy emojis.

While Asian has not confirmed her relationship status with the man in the photos, some Twitter users are convinced that he's her new boyfriend. Feeling disappointed that she has allegedly moved on even before the one-year anniversary of King Von's death, one fan warned her, "I'm telling Von."

Others called out the apparent discrepancy between her words and her action after declaring herself Queen Von. "& Wtf going on here 'QUEEN VON'," another enraged fan asked. A third user echoed the sentiment, "That fact that she got von tatted after he died now moved on less than a year inching me a bit 'Queen Von'." Someone else argued, "You don't tatt people one you back to back when you know you gonna move on. What n***a gonna want a female with multiple tatts of a n***a name or face."

There were others who defended Asian though. "That's not her bf. And if it was so tf what- she broke up with Von like a whole year ago if she wanna move on LET ERRR!" one of them responded to the haters, suggesting that Asian and the man in the photos may be just friends.

Another hit back at the critics, "von ain even been dead a year???? Wym? She can move on but how u going so hard for him? N just cause she posted a pic with a boy don't mean she mess with him." One other said, "I don't under (sic) why y'all think sis can't move on ?? Ofc she loves Von Nd he forever in her hurt but she deserves to be happy again at sum point."

A fan of Von added, "I love Von & always been a his biggest fan & supporter. But how is y'all mad she moved on? Life goes on. She's still Queen Von." Someone else accused the critics of always trying to find Asian's flaws, writing, "y'all bullied the girl for grieving her man now y'all bullying her for moving on.. "

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