Video: Amy Schumer's Son Startled by Mom's Reaction to His First Time Saying 'Dad'

The 'Trainwreck' star can't hide her excitement at her 16-month-old son Gene's latest milestone, admitting, 'Getting to experience these first moments with my son makes me feel so lucky.'

AceShowbiz - Amy Schumer's joyful reaction to her son's latest milestone has turned into tears from the little boy. Sharing an update on Gene David's growth as a 16-month-old, the "Trainwreck" star let out a short video which saw her boy being left startled by her excitement over him uttering the word "dad" for the first time.

On Sunday, October 4, the 39-year-old took to Instagram to post the footage that was recorded for her husband Chris Fischer who was not at home. Sitting next to her son, she kicked off the clip by saying to the camera, "We just wanted to say hi Daddy, we miss you and we hope you're having a fun day."

Amy then asked Gene, "Can you say dad?" In return, the 16-month-old unexpectedly uttered, "Dad." Surprised and obviously impressed, the comedienne could not help but laugh in joy while the boy's nanny Jane clapped her hand excitedly. Confused by the commotion, Gene was reduced to tears, prompting Amy to try to calm him down.

Over the moon by her boy's accomplishment, the "I Feel Pretty" actress wrote in the caption of her video post. "This video was clearly a surprise to us." She added in the same message, "Getting to experience these first moments with my son makes me feel so lucky."

While celebrating her son's milestone, Amy did not forget to bring the attention back to a victim of police brutality. "I think of my friend Angella Henry's son. I would like to ask anyone reading this to google DJ Henry," she wrote in reference to Danroy "DJ" Henry's, a Black student at Pace University who was shot by a white police officer back in 2010.

Amy's post has since been flooded with positive comments from her fellow celebrities. Ben Platt of "The Politician" gushed, "this is the best video I've ever seen." Meanwhile, "Queer Eye" star Tan France commented, "This is so pure and lovely," and "Batwoman" alum Ruby Rose raved, "I love this so much."

This was not the first time Amy was left thrilled by Gene's achievement. Two weeks prior, she let out a video on Instagram that displayed her and her husband laughing after their toddler said the word "mom" for the first time. "The world is burning but this was a nice moment," she wrote alongside the post at that time.

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