Bella Thorne Accused of Scamming OnlyFans Subscribers With Fake Nude Pics

After the former Disney darling allegedly tricks her subscribers into paying $200, the social media app decides to hand down new guidelines that put sex workers in disadvantage.

AceShowbiz - Bella Thorne's successful venture on OnlyFans continued catching heat. This time around, the former Disney darling has been accused of scamming her subscribers after she lied about sending them a nude photo of herself and caused the adult social media app to change their policies.

Recently, one of her subscribers shared a screenshot of their conversation in which Bella sent a $200 PPV, a message you have to pay to view, and claimed that it was a nude photo of herself. However, when people finally paid and expected to see a naked Bella, what they got was a photo of the actress donning lingerie.

This, naturally, led many people to ask for a chargeback and caused problems for OnlyFans, given that they have processing costs. Thus, in order to prevent such a massive chargeback in the future, the social media site decided to hand down new guidelines limiting the amount creators can change fans moving forward. In addition to that, the money people make on OnlyFans is now pending for 30 days instead of a week.

Many sex workers have already complained about this decision given that it will affect their primary source of income, and a lot of people started to blame all of this on Bella. "bella thorne f**ked over thousands of sex workers whose primary income is onlyfans to research for a movie she's making about what the platform 'does to its users' and ended up ruining the platform??? ok daniel day lewis pack it up," one person said. "F**k bella thorne for running such a scam on only fans & ruining what so many sex workers have worked so hard to build," another wrote.

"F**k Bella Thorne. now sex workers have to suffer bc she was bored one day & decided to scam a bunch of people. Nah," someone was equally pissed with what Bella did. Meanwhile, one more person directly mentioned her, "I cant f**king believe youre such a selfish d**k that you f**ked so many people on OF because of a f**king scam as if you actually f**king need the money b***h youre famous you should be ashamed of yourself."

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