Joe Manganiello Boasts About Turning Into 'Dungeons and Dragons' Master on Poker Nights

The 'True Blood' actor reveals in an new interview that he has been spending his time in quarantine prepping to put the weekly games together for his hardcore nerd friends.

AceShowbiz - Joe Manganiello has turned his Friday poker nights into virtual "Dungeons & Dragons" playtime for his hardcore nerd pals.

The "True Blood" star, who is married to Sofia Vergara, started working with the company behind the character-based game and that got him back into playing - and when his poker pals found out, they wanted in.

"It was a fun hobby... I started playing again and my friends all started finding out about it and then they wanted to play, so I decided to start running a game for them on Friday nights," Joe tells "Live with Kelly & Ryan".

"Then of course, quarantine hit and I had to figure out how to use the technology on the camera, because I was used to playing in person. I figured out how to do that... and we've been able to carry on."

And Manganiello admits it takes a lot of hard work to put the weekly games together. "Everyone in the group is pretty hardcore," he adds. "I have to prep the most because I run the game, so it's a bit like being a showrunner on a longform TV show. I'm writing the story, I'm coming up with all the characters they're going to meet, where they're going to go, what they're gonna do."

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