Rick Ross Slammed for Contradicting Himself Regarding Reaction to Terry Crews and Kanye West

During Rick's recent appearance on 'Hit 97', host Ebro Darden brings up Kanye into the discussion, insinuating that Rick isn't so hard on Kanye who has his own fair share of controversial statements.

AceShowbiz - Rick Ross is speaking out about calling Terry Crews a "c**n" on his new song "Pinned to the Cross" in the latest episode of "Versuz" with 2 Chainz. During his appearance in a recent episode of "Hot 97", Rick further shared his opinion on the actor as well as his reaction to his diss.

"F**k him," he said. As to why he decided to call him out, Rick replied, "He done stepped on a few feet that I feel like it's just really uncalled for. So now we got to return the favor, you know what I'm saying?"

"He's trying to justify the term c**n and turn it into something that it can't be turned into," he continued, referring to Terry's tweet which read, "CONQUER OUR OWN NEGATIVITY." Rick added, "We need to let him know that you're either running with us or running from us. Ain't no time for clarification."

Host Ebro Darden then brought up Kanye West into the discussion, insinuating that Rick wasn't so hard on Kanye despite him having his own fair share of controversial statements. Saying that Kanye reached out to him, Rick explained, "I'm gonna speak to him personally. I got my own personal questions to ask him because a lot of times you could catch the headlines and before you drop a homie on the head, you should just get a clarification."

Rick went on to insist that Terry had been "disrespectful" to the coach. However, when it comes to Kanye, he wanted to hear more of his motive because it could be "something that deeper than rap." Although he didn't agree with some of Kanye's statements, Rick said that "I'm responsible enough and have a relationship enough with the homie and when I speak to him, I pray homie give me that clarification."

In response to it, fans were accusing Rick of being biased. "Why does Kanye always get a pass I feel like keep that same energy with everyone," one asked in an Instagram comment. "Did he just contradict himself or do I need to listen again?" someone else asked.

"So Terry Crews behaves like a C**N he stand firm but Kanye behaves like a C**N and a lunatic he’s willing to hear him out -why?" another person wondered. "Wait he just said there's no room for clarification regarding Terry Crews but when it comes to Kanye he wants to get clarification? Contradiction at its finest"

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