Chris Sails Returns to Instagram After Car Crash, Says He Has Proof of Accident

The YouTube star/rapper reveals he hurt his back in the incident as he shares a photo of him sporting an arm sling, but claims circulating videos of his 'car crash' are fake.

AceShowbiz - Chris Sails is safe and back on Instagram after his reported car crash. Three days after his friend and family broke the news of his supposed disappearance, he posted on his account on Sunday, August 9 a photo of him posing in the car while wearing what looks like an arm sling.

"First off I want to genuinely thank everyone for sending prayers and sending me love," he wrote in the caption. The YouTube star explained his injury as adding, "I'm okay, my back hurts like crazy but I'll be fine! Life can be taken from you in matter of seconds so make sure you spread love every second you get."

Chris, however, denied that he had posted videos of his supposed car crash. He blasted a person who created an Instagram account to post fake videos of him in the aftermath of the car crash. A screenshot of the page shows two posts of videos featuring Chris sporting a large bandage on his forehead.

"Click the link o watch Chris Sails car crash!!!" read a bio on the account, which leads to an OnlyFans account. Warning his fans of a possible scam, he posted the screenshot on his page and wrote along with it, "This page @ytleeks is fake ! They made a fake video of me on their page! Yes I do have a video of my car accident but only family members have! So if that video get leaked I know who it came from!!!"

The Detroit-born rapper later took to Instagram Stories to stress that he never had bruises on his face in the first place. "I never have bruises on my face. Whoever had that video or got a hold of the video had to edit it ... and posted it," so he claimed, before stressing in another clip, "I never have bruises on my ... besides my leg."

In another video, Chris was seen rapping in a car and no longer wearing an arm sling. "Got million followers but I still feel alone," he wrote in an accompanying caption. Before people accused him of lying about the car crash, he noted, "This was recorded before my accident so don't reach."

However, an eagle-eyed fan pointed out that Chris wore the same Mickey Mouse T-shirt and pants like the ones he donned in a picture he posted earlier about his injury. "So you had that outfit on for that many days?" the curious follower asked.

Chris was also seen not wearing an arm sling in an Instagram Story clip in which he's goofing around with a friend, who debuted his new haircut.

Chris' friend Jordan Lacey first broke the news of the alleged incident that may harm the YouTube star on Thursday, August 6. "If anybody got any info on my brother DM now please I got a call that he got hit by a drunk driver. I'm trying to find out more info hope you good brother pull through," he wrote.

He repeated the info and his plea on Instagram Stories, writing, "I got a call that my big brother Chris was hit by a drunk driver if anybody got any info dm me pull through bro I love you."

Chris' brother Dawaine reposted Jordan's Instagram Story post on his own account and told his followers, "I'll keep y'all updated." He also posted on his brother's personal account, "This Chris lil bro ! If anybody hear from my brother dm me ! He was in a car crash and he not answering the phone! Please keep him in prayers !!!" He added in the caption, "Already called police and hospitals !! Dm me if you hear from him @dawainesails."

A day later, Dawaine posted on Chris' IG Stories that they were still looking for him. "Still no response from my big brother [a crying emoji]. If you hear something please let me know," so he wrote at the time.

While many fans were expressing their concerns about the star's safety and whereabouts, some others were not convinced that he was involved in a car accident, considering how he often pulled a prank for his YouTube channel.

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