D.L. Hughley Slams Donald Trump and Kanye West: I've Seen Naked Pics of Their Wives!

Taking to his Twitter account, the 'Scary Movie 3' actor points out that both POTUS and the rapper are the same type of people because 'Both are narcissistic, neither of them read.'

AceShowbiz - In D.L. Hughley's opinion, there is no need to compare Donald Trump and Kanye West because they are the same type of people. The "Scary Movie 3" actor took to Twitter on Thursday, July 9 to slam POTUS and the "Famous" rapper all while dragging both of their wives into it.

Hughley, who has been very open about his political views, said on the micro-blogging site that there are several factors why he thinks that Kanye and Trump are the "same type of people." He added, "Both are narcissistic, neither of them read, and I've seen naked pics of both of their wives!"

He was clearly referring to Melania Trump's career as a Playboy model in the past and the fact that Kim Kardashian has never shy away from sharing nude photos of herself on social media.

Neither Trump nor Kanye has responded to the shade, but a number of people have already praised him for speaking nothing but the truth. "No lies detected," said one person. "He's just being brutally honest," another individual commented. Someone else said, "And they both use religion and abortion to get people to vote for them. Next!"

Not a few were also criticizing him, pointing out that he didn't have to bring their wives into it. An individual wrote, "That part about their wives was unnecessary." Another commented, "Ok but you didn't have to bring the wives in it like this between the men not there partner," while one more person chimed in, "What does their wives have to do with anything. Just don't vote for them."

There was also someone who brought up rumors about Kanye's bipolar episode by saying, "Leave the women out of this & btw Kanye is having a bipolar episode. So why not help bring awareness to black mental health if you’re so concerned."

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