Simone Biles on Her Split From BF Stacey Ervin Jr.: 'It's Hard, But for the Best'

This marks the first time for the gold medalist to address the split, but fans first suspected that the pair broke up when Stacey didn't publicly wish Simone a happy 23rd birthday.

AceShowbiz - Simone Biles and her first boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr. are no longer together. The 23-year-old gold medalist revealed in her August cover story for Vogue, which was published on Thursday, July 9, that they decided to call it quits in early March.

"It's hard being young and having that long of a relationship and then ending it,” Simone, who dated the 26-year-old two-time U.S. national champion gymnast for three years, admitted. However, Simone didn't seem to be regretting the decision as she noted that the breakup "was for the best."

This marks the first time for Simone to address the split. However, fans first suspected that they broke up when Stacey didn't publicly wish Simone a happy 23rd birthday on March 14.

Also in the interview, the artistic gymnast revealed she had started to train for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo which was previously postponed this year's Olympics due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. She shared that she had returned to training at the World Champions Centre after a seven-week closure, though it was only "mornings-only schedule."

"I think for athletes, it's hard for us to be out of our element for such a long period of time," Simone said of not being able to train due to COVID-19 quarantine. "That kind of throws your whole balance off. Because you go to work out and you release endorphins. You get any anger out."

"It's kind of our oasis. Without that, you're stuck at home with your own thoughts. I've kind of let myself live in those thoughts, to read more deeply into them. At the gym, it's a great distraction, so I never really live with my thoughts. Now it's like, 'Okay, what are the depths of it?' " she explained.

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