Tamia Seemingly Suggests Fabolous Is a Liar Over Throat Surgery Claim

During his Versuz battle with Jadakiss, the rapper claims that the 'Officially Missing You' singer didn't take part in the first remake of 'So Into You' because of her surgery.

AceShowbiz - Tamia made it clear that the reason why she wasn't on the first "So Into You" remake did not have something to do with her health. The Canadian singer-songwriter revealed it after her collaborator, Fabolous, claimed during his Versuz battle with Jadakiss that she didn't take part in the remake because she had a throat surgery.

"There's a lot of back and forth about how there was Tamia and Ashanti," he said at the time. "Tamia is who the original song came from. Tamia was getting surgery on her throat at the time when we did the song. So we got Ashanti to do the song because she was getting--and then we did the video, she was back. She got her s**t back together."

However, Ashanti "was all over the place, Ashanti was scorchin, at this time, so she was all over the place, and we couldn't get a schedule… we couldn't get the video so, we came back with Tamia… we laid the vocals after her throat surgery and, so that's why it’s two verses. Tamia version, and then there's an Ashanti version, both of them did they thing."

Following Fabolous' claims, Tamia took to her social media accounts to deny the claim by saying that she never had a throat surgery before. Posting a photo of her records, the "Officially Missing You" singer captioned the post, "25 years. 8 albums. 0 throat surgeries."

Tamia didn't even name names in her post, but considering the timing, many people naturally assumed that she threw a shot at Fabolous. "0 throat surgeries!!! Shots fired!" one said, to which one replied, "I peeped the shade lmaoo!! I will always be team Tamia over a broad who can’t sing lmaooo."

"So Into You" was originally released in 1998 and was included in Tamia's self-titled debut album. Fabolous' remake with Tamia came out in 2003.

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