Christina Milian Forced to Suspend Beignet Food Truck Over Coronavirus Pandemic

Although she and partner Elizabeth Morris are not able to serve in Austin, Dallas and Houston, the 'Dip It Low' hitmaker is hopeful they can launch a second food truck in Los Angeles in the autumn.

AceShowbiz - Singer/actress Christina Milian has had to put her food truck business on ice until the worst of the coronavirus pandemic passes.

The "Dip It Low" hitmaker and new mum launched Beignet Box last summer, serving up the sugar-covered fried treats to food fans across America's southern states.

However, she and her partner, Elizabeth Morris, have hit the brakes on the truck for the time being as COVID-19 cases begin to spike again following a number of state re-openings.

"There have been some regulations in places like Austin, Dallas as well as Houston (in Texas), that have stopped us from serving altogether," Milian explained to the New York Post about the struggles her beignet business has faced of late.

"It has limited a couple of different places, but we'll try to go back there probably when everything lets up."

However, Milian is hopeful their plans to wheel out a second food truck in her home city of Los Angeles this autumn will still be feasible, and once it's safe to do so, she wants to head to the East Coast to deliver beignets to residents of New York, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. - where she is eager to dish up the desserts herself, as she previously did in Arizona and Texas.

"As long as everything is safe and it's OK, then I would be more than happy to (serve)," she said.

For now, Milian, who welcomed son Isaiah in January, is putting her team and her own family first by winding down sales: "You have to care about everyone from top to bottom."

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