Remy Ma Talks About Female Artist Who Taunts Her, Fans Think It's Nicki Minaj

The New York raptress discusses her new feud with a female artist during an Instagram Live with her best friend and fellow rapper Fat Joe, though she refuses to name names.

AceShowbiz - Remy Ma joined Fat Joe in a recent Instagram Live with the former discussing her new feud with a female artist. The New York raptress, however, refused to name names when it comes to the identity of the said artist.

Remy told her best friend that someone showed her messages from the undisclosed female star, featuring her "talking crazy" about Remy, much to the latter's shock. "I can't really say who it is or say what was said because you know, people will know who said it," Remy added.

"I just couldn't believe it. Anytime anyone came to me and was telling me like yo, this was said," she went on explaining. "I was like, nah, I don't believe they're saying that because we had a conversation and I told her, 'Yo, you supposed to say you the best. I'm supposed to say I'm the best. They're gonna try to put us against each other.' "

However, when she was shown the messages, she couldn't find the reason why someone even trash-talked her. "How you hating on me? How could you try to wish bad on me? I come from the bottom," she said.

Even though Remy didn't drop any name, people guessed that she might be talking about Nicki Minaj or Foxy Brown, with whom she's beefing. Remy and Nicki's feud started after Nicki dissed the other in 2007 track "Dirty Money". "Tell that b***h with the crown to run it like Chris Brown/ She won three rounds, I'mma need a hundred thou/ Oh, y'all ain't know? Bet y’all b***hes know now," so Nicki rapped.

Later in a 2010 interview, Remy shared that she confronted the "Anaconda" hitmaker about the lines. "When I seen her at her party, I was like, 'Yeah, what was that line about?' " Remy said. "To this day, I think it was a stab at me. That's what you do in rap, and I'm cool with that."

Remy appeared to be friendly with Nicki until 2016, when she called out an opponent who refers to herself as the "queen" on "Money Showers". Many believed that it was a shade at Nicki. Later in 2017, Remy released "ShETHER" which was a diss track aimed at Nicki.

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