Azealia Banks Rants Against Busta Rhymes, Warns Him to 'Clear the Record'

The 'Chasing Time' raptress appears to be mad at the record producer over a collaboration with him, threatening to expose him and giving him a deadline of four days.

AceShowbiz - Coronavirus quarantine doesn't seem to dampen Azealia Banks' spirits to pick a fight. The rapper, who has developed a reputation for having disputes with public figures on Twitter, has gone off against another hip-hop star, Busta Rhymes.

She recently went on a rant on Instagram Stories, threatening to expose the 47-year-old rapper and others whom she did not name. "When this quarantine is over imma f**k a lot of y'all n***a summers up," she warned them. "Everybody getting violated."

Claiming that she got "a long list," she said that Busta would be the first. "Clear the record before I expose you," she told the Brooklyn emcee. "Don't act stupid," she added, giving a deadline of four days. "I'm not f**king around with you." Azealia went on calling Busta "Fat steroid neck son of a b***h" and "ugly."

While she initially said it wasn't about music, Azealia later hinted that she's mad at Busta over a collaboration with him. She shared what appeared to be a cover art for a song called "Taste's State" featuring Busta and claimed, "Y'all don't get that I seek none of these n***as out. [They] beg me to come to the studio then be on the internet reading blogs like b****es & wanna play politics."

"This n***a BEGS me to stay to do some dumb a** Beyonce remix (he never paid me for) Then wanna play politics like he can't associate as if anyone wants to work a 47year old 'roid head who still takes molly," she went on detailing.

The "212" spitter said she eventually did the remix, but Busta didn't hold up his end of the deal. "I did the remix for him (with no pay). As payment was supposed to be the trade off. He gets the Bey remix & I get the verse on my song. To use whenever the f**k I please," she shared of their supposed deal. "This is my intellectual property here. Parts of his lyrics/cadence/flow are of my design. This is going to become a big issue for him."

Busta has not responded to Azealia's rants against him.

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