Lil Baby's BM Jayda Cheaves Blames Split on Their Son: Baby Ruins My Relationship

During a recent Q'n'A session on Instagram, the rapper's ex-girlfriend tells her devotees, 'I love my baby don't get me wrong, but they ruined relationships to me.'

AceShowbiz - Jayda Cheaves loves her child, but if she can turn back time, it appears she would rather not give birth to him at all. During a recent Q&A session on Instagram, the ex-girlfriend of Lil Baby blamed her babies as the reason why her relationships didn't work.

Asked whether or not she wanted to have more children in the future, Jayda said, "Don't have no baby, like… Just stay with a n***a, just f**k with your n***a but don't let him get you pregnant because… don't have a baby." Picking up her son, Jayda later made it clear while she loves her children, she thinks they ruin her relationship. "I love my baby don't get me wrong, but they ruined relationships to me," so she said.

Jayda stressed it once more on Twitter. "Having a baby with someone will force you into seeing s**t you ain't wanna even wanna see…," so she wrote on the micro-blogging site. "It shows both parties TRUE COLORS."

Some agreed with what she said, while some others were not. "You saying your baby ruined your relationship b***h you ruined it by actually thinking that n***a f**ked wit you," an Instagram user mocked her. "babies may TEST relationships but they def don't ruin them. What ruins relationships is incompatibility," someone else commented.

Jayda has a son that she shares with her ex-boyfriend Lil Baby. She confirmed their split last month. "Stop trying to piece together this man interviews, songs etc because we're no longer in a relationship," she posted on her account. Having nothing but love for her baby daddy, she assured his fans and her followers, "We're also not beefing so. It's no bad blood on my end."

Jayda went on saying that their "main focus right now is that we have a 1 year old to raise" as she asked people to "plz stop with the negativity." Making the statement brief and clear, she concluded the post by writing "That's it. That's all" she's got to say about their relationship.

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