People Ridicule 'Lightskinned' Nipsey Hussle Look-Alike

The man isn't the only one getting clowned in this case as some fans drag rapper The Game, who was previously accused of exploiting the late rapper's name following his death.

AceShowbiz - Nothing can compare to Nipsey Hussle. Fans recently found out that there was someone who claimed to look like the late rapper on Facebook, and the responses were unsurprisingly unwelcoming.

Akadmiks was the one who first brought attention to the topic by sharing a comparison between the real Nipsey and the self-proclaimed doppelganger. Attempting to look identical with the "Racks in the Middle" spitter, the man could be seen sporting the same hairstyle, beard and even tattoos as Nipsey's.

"There is a lightskinned n***a on Facebook thinking that he is Nipsey Hussle y'all pray for this man," the blog wrote in the caption.

Fans quickly reacted to the post with someone saying that folks had been "calling him Nipsey Struggle." Another fan noted, "This ain't gonna go well for guy."

The man wasn't the only one getting clowned in this case. Some others used this as an opportunity to drag The Game, who was previously accused of exploiting Nipsey's name following his death. "The game getting ready to put sum bout this," one commented, implying that the rapper might feel challenged. Another fan simply thought that "he beat the game."

The Game previously addressed the accusations, which he vehemently denied. "I've only done things I feel bro would've done to keep me going if I was no longer here in the physical. Before assuming, passing judgment, or running to the internet to be negative, DM me or hit me & I will be happy to respond or elaborate further to as many people as I can," so he said in a statement at the time.

The clownery aside, some people thought that the alleged look-alike did a good job in making himself look like Nipsey, to the point they couldn't tell them apart. "I thought that was him and I still don't see a difference," an impressed fan wrote. Echoing the sentiment, someone else said, "Dam I thought this was him fr."

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