Greg Kinnear

  • Greg Kinnear
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Gregory Kinnear
    • Birth Date : June 17, 1963
    • Birth Place : Logansport, Indiana, USA
    • Spouse : Helen Labdon (former model, since 1-May-99)
    • Claim to Fame : As the host of TV show "Talk Soup" (1991-1995)

Greg Kinnear Biography

The youngest of three sons, Greg Kinnear was born in Logansport, Indiana, USA on June 17, 1963 to a diplomat father and staying home mother. Led his ordinary life with his two brothers, James and Steve, the siblings were often brought by their parents Edward and Suzanne Kinnear, moving in and out from one country to another, reaching Beirut, Lebanon up to Athens, Greece. It was during their dwelling in Athens, while a student there, that the fine-looking broadcaster-turned-actor encountered for the very first time on the public performance ventured into the role of talk show host with his radio show "School Daze With Greg Kinnear."

Upon intended to pursue higher education, Greg then headed back to his home country and was then listed as the 1985 alumni of the University of Arizona in Tucson with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Subsequent to his graduation from the institution, he headed out to Los Angeles, where he luckily landed his first job as a marketing assistant with Empire Entertainment. It was there that Greg got his first taste of show business, creating promotional campaigns for such films as "Space Sluts in the Slammer" before then found a job with the Movietime cable channel. No one would have guessed that Greg once followed the MTV VJ audition, which he found it unsuccessful. The failure did not end up as a total doomsday, for he then, using an audition tape from the failed attempt at an MTV VJ position, became a host and on-location reporter for the channel. However, things slightly changed when he was fired soon as Movietime became the E! Entertainment Network.

Greg Kinnear Biography

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