50 Cent Believes That Snitching Won't Make 6ix9ine Less Successful

During his appearance on 'The Angie Martinez Show', the hip-hop mogul insists that the rainbow-haired rapper may lose support due to his cooperation with the feds.

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent thinks that 6ix9ine (Tekashi69) will face no problem in terms of popularity following his release from prison. During his recent appearance on "The Angie Martinez Show", the hip-hop mogul discussed the matter, explaining why he thought so.

In the video, which was uploaded on Wednesday, February 19, Fiddy denied when the host suggested that the rainbow-haired rapper might lose support due to his cooperation with the feds. "Nothing's going to stop him from selling records," Fif shared.

Saying that some fans would understand why he made the decision, the "Power" executive producer and star continued, "...Middle America has kids that understand that you didn't support people who were gonna hurt your mom--that you didn't support people who were gonna actually hurt you. They understand that."

Angie later said that those kids took cues from the streets in an attempt to feel connected to the culture, and that prompted to wonder if this could lead some fans to shed their support for the "FEFE" hitmaker.

"They do try to understand the street and the energy that goes on it and all the terminologies and all that stuff," the "In Da Club" rapper replied. "But they do understand that part, Ang. Was [6ix9ine] supposed to keep it real and do 40 years for the dudes who were gonna do something to [his] mother and they was actually plotting to really hurt [him]?"

Fiddy also pointed out that the 23-year-old rapper was backed up by Elliot Grainge, son of Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge. "Do you know who's behind Tekashi?" 50 asked Angie. "What's his name's son," Angie replied, to which Fiddy responded, "Lucian. Is it his son, or is it him? ...That's the machine, Angie. That's the big machine."

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