'Black Ink Crew' Star Ryan Henry Calls Out People for Labeling Late Sister as Eddy Curry's Mistress

The reality TV star takes issue with 'the insensitivity of people' in reaction to Eddy's essay about his complicated relationship with Ryan's sister Nova Henry, who was killed with her daughter in 2009.

AceShowbiz - "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" star Ryan Henry is still here defending her sister, more than a decade after her tragic death. The reality TV star has spoken up against people reducing her late sister Nova Henry to "Eddy Curry's mistress" after the professional basketball player opened up about their complicated relationship in an essay.

Posting photos of his sister Nova, one of which was taken while she was pregnant, Ryan wrote in the caption, "The noisy outside world’s misinformed disrespect does not overshadow what BEAUTY IS.... and how much you Use YOU and myself to help other WOMEN in all kinds of situations... be peaceful #NOVA."

The VH1 star then noted that his post was not directed at Eddy, but at those people who made poor judgment on his sister based on Eddy's words. "The purpose of this post was not about anyone involved from articled words," he added. "It was about the insensitivity of people in reaction to it to slander a woman about a not fully understood and misrepresented perception of her to say she deserved to die."

Seemingly agreeing with Ryan, Eddy left a praying hands emoji on the comment section of the former's post.

In an essay published on The Players' Tribute, Eddy revealed that he dated Nova while he was playing for the Knicks (from 2005 to 2011) and had two kids together. However, at the time of her death in 2009, Eddy was married to present wife Patrice Curry, who had no idea about his relationship with Nova.

"Patrice also didn't know about the children I'd had with Nova - my 10-month-old daughter, Ava, and her three-year-old brother, Noah. I kept it a secret. All of it. For years...," he wrote. "So as I'm on the phone learning that my infant daughter and her mother had just been murdered ... I'm also coming to grips with the fact that my marriage of nearly four years would almost certainly be over."

Nova and her daughter Ava were shot by Frederick Goings, Henry's child support lawyer whom she later dated. Their relationship took an ugly turn after Nova hired a new lawyer and "made plans to contest $24,000" in legal fees from him. Eddy shared, "In the past she'd warned me that he was dangerous. Dude actually brought a gun to her baby shower for Ava because he thought I might be there."

The former Chicago Bulls player said he still blames himself for Nova's and their daughter's deaths. "As a father - as a man - you're responsible for the children you bring into this world, no matter what the situation is," he explained his regret. "You need to be accountable and look out for those little ones. I needed to do that. I needed to protect my daughter. And I didn’t. In so many ways. I failed her. And the what-ifs still haunt me to this day."

Eddy went on praising his wife Patricia, who stayed by his side through the painful moment. "If there's a hero character in the crazy story of my life, that hero is most definitely Patrice. In the 15 years we've been married, she's been through what amounts to about 15 lifetimes' worth of drama - infidelity, unspeakable tragedy, multiple lawsuits, home foreclosures, several dozen financial scams, and on and on. She could've left me thousands of times. And I really couldn't have faulted her. But you know what? She's still right here. She never turned her back on me," he gushed about her.

Patrice now raises Nova's son with Eddy as well as Eddy's son Eddy III from his previous marriage as her own children. She and the athlete also have four children together.

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