Video: Courteney Cox and Isla Fisher Turn Into Men in Hilarious Restroom Sketch

In a funny video posted on Instagram, the former 'Friends' actress and her good friend have fun using filter to make them look like men as they go to the restroom.

AceShowbiz - Good pals Courteney Cox and Isla Fisher channeled their inner masculinity in a short skit uploaded on both of their Instagrams. In the hilarious video, the two actresses used filter to make them look like men as they pretended to have a run-in in a restroom.

Cox wearing a blue shirt in her disguise was seen facing the camera as she "urinated," but she soon fled after quickly zipping up her pants as Fisher exclaimed from the side, "Ooooh, there you are!" The latter then appeared on the screen wearing glasses and mustache. "Lovely," Fisher leered.

They were soon flooded with comments from friends and fans alike. Fellow actress Busy Philipps wrote, "I swear to God I would watch an entire movie with these two characters. Can we make it and use this filter somehow?!?! I love it so much AGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Another star Whitney Cummings commented, "I have questions." Jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, who's also a former wife of Tobey Maguire, exclaimed, "What on earth!" Meanwhile, "Fear the Walking Dead" actor Garret Dillahunt wrote, "I feel strange."

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