Blake Shelton Shares Hilarious Attempt at Viral Bottle Cap Challenge

Poking fun at the popular social media craze, the 'God's Country' singer is recorded breaking down in tears after his ninja kick knocks a bottle of his Smithworks Vodka onto the ground.

AceShowbiz - Country star Blake Shelton has mocked the viral bottle cap challenge by posting a funny video clip of himself failing miserably at the task.

The "Boys 'Round Here" hitmaker decided to give the popular social media craze a try on Wednesday, July 03, following in the footsteps of rocker John Mayer, movie tough guy Jason Statham, singer Ellie Goulding, and DJ Diplo, who have all shown off their talents with successful efforts online.

The new Internet trend requires participants to place a bottle with a loosely screwed cap on a flat surface, and knock the top off with a single kick, without making the container tip over.

Fun-loving Shelton gave the task a go with a bottle of his Smithworks Vodka, which he displayed on a table outdoors.

In video footage posted on Twitter, the singer is featured taking a deep breath, before performing a ninja kick - which swiftly knocks the liquor onto the ground.

"Oh God," he exclaimed as he bent down to pick up the bottle.

"What have I done? What have I done?" he jokingly cried, cradling it in his arms before running off and shouting, "I'm sorry, Smithworks!".

Despite not actually pulling off the challenge, Shelton still decided to pass on the task to pals Adam Levine and "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds, tagging them in the caption and adding, "All yours".

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