Halsey Sends Friends Into Frenzy With Grand-Prized Easter Egg Hunt

In a caption of the late night hunt footage, the 'Without Me' singer reveals that she has been stuffing money into plastic egg containers instead of the traditional candy and other sweet treats.

AceShowbiz - Pop star Halsey gave her friends something to celebrate on Sunday, April 21, after hiding bundles of cash as prizes in her Easter egg hunt.

The "Without Me" singer invited a group of pals to spend the holiday with her, and decided to give the traditional game a special makeover, stuffing money into plastic egg containers, instead of candy and other sweet treats.

She then sent her friends on a mad dash through her backyard as they desperately looked for the cash-filled containers, and Halsey documented the fun on her social media page.

"I hid a couple grand (thousand) in Easter eggs in the yard and now everybody is acting brand new (like a different person)," she captioned footage of the late night hunt.

Halsey didn't reveal who had scored the lucky eggs, but she was able to laugh about the shenanigans with her boyfriend, British rapper YUNGBLUD, who was also in attendance.

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