Lil Xan Buys New House While Still in Rehab

The 'Betrayed' rapper leaves his rehab facility for a day to sign papers for the new house he buys, where he'll live once he's completed in-patient treatment.

AceShowbiz - Lil Xan has procured a new house even though he's still not out of rehab. Around a week after checking himself in, the "Betrayed" rapper was reported to be taking time out of his substance abuse treatment to prepare for his future living arrangements.

The ex-boyfriend of Noah Cyrus got out of the rehab facility to sign the papers needed for his new Redlands, California house on Saturday, December 8, TMZ reported. Since he hasn't been cleared off to go out to public by himself, a staff from the facility came along with him. The day after, he returned to continue his rehabilitation.

The 22-year-old rapper, whose real name is Diego Leanos, is expected to stay in the center for another week before he is eligible for outpatient treatment. As for the house he bought, it is reported to be boasting a studio that will allow the young rapper to work on his music.

Xan admitted himself to rehab in early December with full support from current girlfriend Annie Smith. On December 2, Smith took over Xan's Instagram account to share the news. "Diego was just admitted into his first treatment," she announced. "He loves each and every one of you sending good wishes and prayers to him. We thank you all so very much for all the love and support you are sending his way. He will be back soon with another top 10 album."

The rapper had expressed his intention to seek treatment for his opioid addiction following the death of his idol, Mac Miller, back in September. He told TMZ Live in November, "The worst one that affected me the most, Mac Miller. It hit too close to home so…and I know we both struggle with the same problems and stuff and I just feel like it's time to get, you know, better."

On his decision to enter rehab, he explained, "I've been way worse in the past, I've actually been 10 times worse than what I've been now, but I want to do rehab just so I can get over this last little hump, like stretch, so I could finally be back to Diego."

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