Iggy Azalea Snaps at Wendy Williams After Host's Bhad Bhabie Feud Comments

'Imagine having to F**K Wendy Williams,' the Australian beauty writes in a now-deleted tweet after the host slammed her on her show.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams never stops getting on other celebrities' bad sides with her controversial remarks on her show. The "Wendy Williams Show" host recently took a jab at Iggy Azalea who recently had a fight with 15-year-old Bhad Bhabie a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli.

"We haven't heard from Iggy since 'Fancy' so technically she's [Bhad Babie] right," the 54-year-old said in the November 15 episode of her talk show. Wendy also slammed Iggy for her alleged faux black accent and her body, saying, "Isn't she from Australia? When did she develop a Blackcent? She probably bought that at the same place she bought her booty and her boobs."

She then went on full sarcastic as she added, "Oh puh-lease. That is good coin well spent. She looks great! I think Iggy Azalea is beautiful," before asking her audience to "clap if you don't think she's beautiful."

"Listen Iggy, you're 28, you're a grown woman, you have a fledgling career that nobody cares about," she continued. "This 'Catch Me Outside' girl is the next big thing. You should act unbothered by it all."

Wendy's remarks unsurprisingly upset Iggy as she decided to respond. The "Black Widow" raptress tweeted a meme of Wendy when she fainted during a live broadcast due to overheating and wrote, "Imagine having to F**K Wendy Williams."

She continued to rant in the now-deleted tweets, "Like you gotta moan and put her titty in your mouth. Sometimes I disgust my own self. I guess I just feel like if you're pushing 60 without ever having lived an entire year on this planet where we could deem you attractive let alone a serve with a voice that would make any d**k soft - you should keep it a whole lot cuter on certain commentary."

Bhad Bhabie previously tried to pick a fight with Iggy at a Fashion Nova x Cardi B event. In footage that went viral, Bhad Bhabie was seen throwing water over Iggy. Looking startled at the beginning, Iggy, however, remained calm during the altercation.

"I get that this little girl has made a name for herself acting a damn fool on television and online but I'm a grown up," she said in a video that she took on her way home from the event. "I'm not about to be waste my energy on that s**t, or be fighting a kid in a club... you look silly, I'm not gonna be scrambling around on the floor for a 15-year-old girl on the Internet."

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