The music video features the 29-year-old rapper trying to convince his girlfriend not to shoot him, but she seems determined.

AceShowbiz - Through his new music video, G-Eazy shows that jealousy can cause anyone to do outrageous things. The music video for his new single, "Rewind" featuring Anthony Russo, made its way out on Wednesday, September 12.

The cinematic visuals opens with the rapper being held at gunpoint by his girlfriend. Eazy tries to convince her not to shoot him, but she seems determined. The scene then changes to show Eazy recalling how their relationship goes sour. He was then seen talking to a girl a club, fully knowing that his girlfriend watches. That is when he realizes that he has made a mistake.

There are also scenes which feature the 29-year-old spitter and Russo performing the song against rolling hills. "Good vibes only/ Can't be held back for nothing, no ties on me/ I'm tryna be as big as Pac, all eyes on me," Eazy raps. "And why you sayin' we're together? You're just my homie, fall back/ Be kind and rewind."

The end of the music video sees Eazy successfully convincing his girlfriend not to kill him.

Eazy has remained productive since wrapping the tour for his latest album "The Beautiful & Damned". Aside from the new single, his recent work include "Drop", "Sober" as well as guest appearances on Vic Mensa's "Reverse" and Post Malone's "Same B****es." He also released a surprise EP "The Vault" back in May to celebrate his birthday.

The "No Limit" rapper even took time to hit back at Machine Gun Kelly after the latter dissed him over his relationship with Halsey. Through "Bad Boy", Eazy attacked everything from Kelly's past relationship with his girlfriend to his album sales. He also rapped about how he was more successful than Kelly in the song, before threatening to "smack" him if Kelly "disrespects" Halsey again.

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