G-Eazy Reflects on Loss, Mental Health and Self-Acceptance in 'Freak Show'
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The multi-platinum rapper releases his seventh studio album, detailing his personal struggles and triumphs through honest and revealing lyrics that explore grief, mental health and self-acceptance.

AceShowbiz - After a hiatus of nearly three years, G-Eazy has returned with a new perspective and a deeply personal album titled "Freak Show". The 35-year-old rapper, born Gerald Earl Gillum, has poured his heart into this record, reflecting on his musical journey, personal hardships, and the tragic loss of his mother, Suzanne Olmsted, in 2021.

On songs like "Love You Forever", G-Eazy confronts his grief with raw emotion, using old voicemails from his mother to create a haunting and cathartic experience. He raps sweetly on the chorus, "My dear mama/ My sweet mama/ Nobody's gonna hurt you/ 'Cause Gerald's always gonna love you."

"Freak Show" also explores G-Eazy's mental health struggles, with songs like "Anxiety" encapsulating his experiences with anxiety, insomnia and body dysmorphia. The album is a testament to his vulnerability and determination to navigate the complexities of life.

G-Eazy's move to New York City has had a transformative effect on his mindset and creative process. "I'm stimulated by people and all this going on," he says. "It's harder for me to isolate." The bustling atmosphere has encouraged him to connect with others and find inspiration in the city's rich musical history.

In the lead-up to his upcoming "Freak Show World Tour", G-Eazy acknowledges that performing "Love You Forever" live may be challenging due to its emotional weight. He emphasizes the importance of embracing grief rather than suppressing it. "Grief, man, it comes in waves," he says. "You have to lean into the feelings of it. You can't just bury it. The only way to move forward is to feel it."

"Freak Show" is not only a testament to G-Eazy's personal struggles but also a celebration of his resilience and self-acceptance. It's an album that showcases his evolution as an artist and his determination to share his story with his fans. "It's honest," he said. "It's revealing of how I got here, who I've been, the stories of the come-up and some of the hardships and some of the missteps and some of the flaws along the way."

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