The British singer reportedly has been 'telling her he can change for her, he's making all kind of promises.'

AceShowbiz - It seems like Zayn Malik still can't get over Gigi Hadid following their split. After being spotted entering the model's apartment earlier this month, the British singer reportedly has been begging his ex-girlfriend to give their failed relationship another go.

"Zayn has been begging Gigi for another chance since they broke up. He's been telling her he can change for her, he's making all kind of promises," a source close to Zayn tells "He's said he'll be less introverted and be more involved with her world."

According to the source, there's a chance that they will get back together as Gigi "misses him to, it's not all Zayn." The insider adds, "But, he's the one pushing. They're not officially back together yet, but he's very hopeful it will happen."

Should they really get back together, one person apparently won't be happy about that. Bella Hadid allegedly is furious that her sister is thinking of giving their relationship another chance. "Bella is furious Gigi might let Zayn back into her life," a second source reveals to the site.

"Bella knows the intimate details of their rocky past so she worries for her sister. Gigi shared all of her secrets with her sister, so Bella fears that if Gigi makes herself vulnerable to Zayn again, she could get really hurt or heartbroken," the source continues, adding that the younger Hadid sister "wants to protect her sister from making the same mistakes again."

The source goes on saying, "There are good reasons Gigi and Zayn broke up in the first place so Bella is warning her sister to stay away from Zayn, he is bad news."

Zayn and Gigi announced that they called it quits on March 13, sharing their own statements through Twitter. A month later, the two sparked reconciliation rumors after Zayn was spotted heading into Gigi's apartment in New York.

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