Ellen DeGeneres Grills BTS on Whether They've Ever Hooked Up With Fans. Find Out the Answer!

'We are doing it right now,' RM carefully says as he refers to the ARMY at the studio, before V comes with a more straight answer.

AceShowbiz - Bangtan Boys a.k.a. BTS sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for their highly-anticipated appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". During the episode that aired Monday, November 27, the boys were asked to introduce themselves to the audience before the host started to give them questions.

As they're known for their loyal ARMY (the name for BTS' fan club), Ellen was curious to find out as to whether Jungkook and friends have ever hooked up with one of their fans. After responding with laughter, RM (Rap Monster) said, "We're doing it right now. We got like hundreds," referring to the fans in the studio.

But Ellen nudged for a better answer, and commented, "You know what I mean." She then asked an interpreter to "explain what hooked up means." V ultimately yelled, "Not, not! No!"

Ellen also asked where RM, who speaks English fluently, learned the language. He revealed that he taught himself English by watching "Friends". He remarked that most Korean parents used to make their children watch the sitcom. "Back in the day, when I was, like, 15, it was like a syndrome for all the Korean parents to make their kids watch 'Friends'," he said.

"I thought I was kind of like a victim at that time, but right now, I'm the lucky one," he continued sharing. "My mother bought me all 10 DVDs -- all the seasons -- and first I watched them with the Korean subtitles, then the English subtitles, then [none at all]."

Suga, meanwhile, said that the reason behind the success of their songs was because of the lyrics. He explained that the lyrics, which usually talk about social issue, appealed to everyone in the world despite the language barrier.

Earlier at the show, BTS performed their newly-released track "Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)".

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