Bye Bryan Tanaka! Mariah Carey Is Reportedly Flirting With Drake

Bye Bryan Tanaka! Mariah Carey Is Reportedly Flirting With Drake

The 'All I Want for Christmas is You' songstress has been texting the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker as well as showing up at his favorite restaurant in the hopes of 'randomly running into him.'
Is Mariah Carey planning to ditch her toy boy Bryan Tanaka for Drake? After it was reported that she wanted to marry Bryan soon, the "Bye Bye" singer is said to be flirting with Drake, and the 30-year-old rapper is totally loving the attention.

"Mariah Carey and Drake are in secret contact with rumors whirling the two are secretly dating," an insider tells OK!. "Mariah's been texting Drake, who is a little surprised by the sudden attention, but was more than ready to show her a good time."

The insider shares that they recently met up and flirted with each other. "The two met up for drinks two weeks ago in LA and friends say they were flirting up a storm," the insider says. "While they didn't leave together, the two have been definitely texting and calling each other since."

It is believed that Mariah also wants to make Jennifer Lopez, who was romantically linked to the "One Dance" singer, upset. "No doubt Mariah loves the idea of getting one up on her long-time rival Jennifer Lopez. Mariah's even started turning up to Catch in LA - his favorite hangout - in the hopes of 'randomly' running into him," the insider explains.

Mariah has probably realized that Bryan may be using her for his own benefit as it was reported that she paid all of his bills. "Mariah pays for everything when they're together, plus she's having his rent checks and utility bills taken care of as well as his car payments," a source revealed. "She even finds a way to sign him bonus checks for his dance work, which is ridiculous because in some cases he's being paid for old work several times over."

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