Mariah Carey Reportedly Pays All of Bryan Tanaka's Bills

The 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' songstress may have been used by her toy boy for his own benefit but she's 'totally blind to it.'

AceShowbiz - %cMariah Carey% seems to be blindly in love with her toy boy Bryan Tanaka although it was reported that she would re-marry her ex-husband, %cNick Cannon%. It's believed that she's been paying all of Bryan's bills without realizing that he may have used her for his own benefit.

"Mariah pays for everything when they're together, plus she's having his rent checks and utility bills taken care of as well as his car payments," an insider tells OK! "It's a shameless arrangement that obviously works well for him," the insider says, before adding, "She's totally blind to it."

The insider further shares that Mariah even helps Bryan get bonus payment. "She even finds a way to sign him bonus checks for his dance work, which is ridiculous because in some cases he's being paid for old work several times over," the insider reveals.

The couple rekindled their romance a few weeks ago after a month apart. The "Bye Bye" singer announced their reconciliation on Instagram by posting a throwback photo of them. Following their reconciliation, it was said that Mimi was planning to marry her boyfriend soon. "[Mariah]'s got it bad for [Bryan]," a source said. "The only reason she hooked up with Nick was to get back at Bryan and make him jealous, and it worked! Bryan's eating out of her palm again now and Mariah's desperate to seal the deal before they get sabotaged again."

However, many people were against the idea of her marrying him so soon. "So many people from both their circles have tried to keep them apart, but she's convinced they have what it takes to last the course," the source explained.

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