Billie Lourd Reportedly Sells $2.3 Million House to Move In With Taylor Lautner

The 'Scream Queens' actress is selling her cobalt home in Santa Monica, California only one year after she bought it, as her romance with the 'Twilight' hunk is heating up.
Billie Lourd is reportedly selling her cobalt home in Santa Monica for $2.3, just a year after she bought it. The daughter of the late Carrie Fisher bought the house in May 2016 for $2.25 million, but now she's selling it for $145.000 more than she paid for, Variety claims.

Her decision sparks a speculation that she's going to move in with actor Taylor Lautner soon. The two have been dating since December 2016 after starring on FOX's "Scream Queens" season 2 together. They played on-screen lovers on the series. Since then, the couple has gone on vacations together, the last one being a romantic getaway in St. Barts where they shared a steamy kiss.

Taylor has been Billie's source of support, especially after the death of her mother and her grandmother Debbie Reynolds. On December 27, 2016, the "Twilight" actor posted a selfie with the Chanel #3 depicter on his Instagram account. "This girl is one of the strongest, most fearless individuals I've ever met. Absolutely beautiful inside and out. I'm lucky to know you @praisethelourd... [Love], me," he wrote in the caption.

Their relationship is believed to be the main reason why Billie has been doing very well following her mother's passing. It was reported that the actress "wants to tie the knot with Taylor just a month after the loss of her loved ones." A source said, "Carrie and Debbie were everything to Billie. Now she has this huge hole in her life and we are worried that she will rush into marriage with Taylor to fill it. The family wishes that she takes her time and makes no major decisions while she is still grieving."

No confirmation has been released following the rumors of Billie moving in with Taylor and them getting married, but "American Horror Story" recently cast the "Billionaire Boys Club" actress for season 7.

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