Alec Baldwin Trolls Donald Trump in Incorrect Russian

Alec Baldwin Trolls Donald Trump in Incorrect Russian

Though he's still on a break from impersonating Trump on 'Saturday Night Live', the actor continues mocking the President-elect on social media.
Alec Baldwin mocked Donald Trump again. Viewers may remember that Baldwin has been satirically impersonating the President-elect on "Saturday Night Live", but this time he used a different method.

The 58-year-old actor took to Instagram to share a selfie of him wearing a red cap with the famous Trump campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" written in Cyrillic, the Russian alphabet. The post was clearly referring to recent news about the Russian hacking which affected the election results back in November.

Foto kiriman Alec Baldwin (@iamabfalecbaldwin) pada

However, a Russian expert said that Baldwin's translation is not precise. All the words have the right meaning indeed, but the phrase contained improper grammar.

It seemed like Baldwin used Google Translate to come up with the phrase. CNN Contributor Jill Dougherty said, "In fact, we just Google-translated it and it's translated exactly like on the cap."

Shortly after Baldwin posted the picture, the President-elect wrote on Twitter, seemingly in response to the actor's jab, "Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only 'stupid' people, or fools, would think that it is bad!"

"We have enough problems around the world without yet another one," Trump said. "When I am President, Russia will respect us far more than they do now and both countries will, perhaps, work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the world," he added.

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