Family Plans Joint Funeral as Carrie Fisher's Autopsy Is Delayed After Debbie Reynolds' Death

Some members of the family are organizing one funeral for both actresses while Fisher's body is 'in limbo' because the Coroner isn't sure whether or not to perform autopsy on her.

AceShowbiz - %cCarrie Fisher% and %cDebbie Reynolds% may have a joint funeral. TMZ reports that some members of the family are currently organizing one memorial service for both of the actresses who passed away earlier this week.

The decision to have a joint funeral is totally understandable, considering Reynolds' last words to her son Todd which were "I miss her so much. I want to be with Carrie." One family member tells the site of the plan, "I think this is what they would have wanted."

TMZ additionally states that the family would like to hold a private and small ceremony before they put on a much bigger memorial service. Details of the service aren't available just yet as the family is expected to make their final decision today.

Fisher passed away on December 27, days after she suffered a heart attack during a flight from London to Los Angeles. One day later, her mom died at the age of 84 shortly after rushed to the hospital for possible stroke.

Reynolds' sudden passing didn't only affect the ones she's survived by, but also her deceased daughter. According to another TMZ story, Fisher's body is now "in limbo" because the LA County Coroner isn't sure whether or not to perform autopsy on her.

The news outlet claims that the Coroner had contacted Fisher's only child %cBillie Lourd% and asked her for permission to conduct an autopsy. However, the "Scream Queens" star was still too devastated to make a decision, so she made her dad Bryan Lourd the decision maker.

While the CAA boss gave the Coroner his permission, the family's sources say that their attorneys did not due to some concerns they didn't disclose. TMZ goes on noting that families sometimes ask the Coroners not to perform an autopsy for religious reasons.

Now, the Coroner is just waiting and is trying to figure out what happened on the plane when Fisher had the massive heart attack last week. They're also checking her medical history in order to determine her cause of death.

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