Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Are Living in a 'Sexless Marriage'

Rumor has it, the former 'Simple Life' star and the Good Charlotte frontman haven't been intimate in quite some time.

AceShowbiz - Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are reportedly living in a "sexless marriage." The couple has been hit with marital problem rumors after the former "Simple Life" star was recently pictured without her wedding ring.

Rumor has it, Nicole ditched her wedding band when arriving at Los Angeles International Airport with Joel and their kids as she's fed up with her husband's "wandering eye and sleazy meet-ups with other women."

"There is only so much a woman can take and she is beyond her breaking point," a source reveals, "After last year's rough patch, things got a little better because he was starting to actually try. At the same time, [she] and Joel became like a tight family with his brother Benji and Cameron [Diaz]. But it has gotten to the point now where even Cameron tells her she should not be putting up with him."

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According to the source, Nicole and Benji, who celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary on December 11, haven't been intimate in quite some time. "The two of them have been in a sexless marriage now for months and months and it's gotten so bitter between them that they cannot even be around each other," the source tells Radar Online.


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"Nicole has tried everything! She's just reached the end of her rope. She was a wild child once, but they have two kids now and she believes Joel needs to grow up for them - if not her," another insider shares, "This seems like another chapter of turmoil in their marriage - and given that Nicole seems to have looked for love elsewhere, it doesn't look like there will be many more!"

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