Listen to Sia's New Song 'One Million Bullets'

Sia Furler treats her fans to a love song before her new album 'This Is Acting' comes out in January.

AceShowbiz - %cSia Furler% releases another promotional track to hype up the upcoming release of her new studio album "This Is Acting". Called "One Million Bullets", this latest song is a love story with Sia's signature dramatic flairs.

"I pick the wrong kind, time after time I drank from the poisoned wine," she croons. "I got a feeling, danger is coming. ... I know that I'd take one million bullets babe, how many would you take?"

"This Is Acting" is scheduled to be released on January 29. Most of the songs in the album are leftovers from other artists like %cBeyonce Knowles% and %cKaty Perry%. In fact, the two previously-released tracks "Alive" and "Bird Set Free" were initially written for %cAdele%.

"Most of the songs, if not all of them, I wrote for other people and they were rejected," Sia told %cRyan Seacrest%. "Generally, they're songs that aren't really from my perspective, so it feels like acting. I have rejects from %cRihanna%, Adele, %cShakira%, who else? Beyonce, %cDemi Lovato%, all the good girls, [and] Katy [Perry]."

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