Video: Stephen Colbert Mispronounces Gwen Stefani's Name on 'Late Night'

The 'Colbert Report' host has some playful revenge by introducing the 'Voice' coach as 'Gwar Stemponi' on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'.

AceShowbiz - It's payback time when Stephen Colbert and Gwen Stefani were both this week's guests on "Late Night with Seth Meyers". Seth Meyers let his fellow comedian get back at the Grammy-winning singer, who mispronounced Colbert's name at the Emmy Awards, by letting him introduce Stefani when she visited the show on Wednesday night, September 3.

In a taped clip, Colbert sat behind Meyers' desk and introduced the new coach on "The Voice" as "Gwar Stemponi." The show then flashed back to Meyers who said, "And all is right with the universe!" before welcoming Stefani.

During a sitdown with the host, the No Doubt vocalist also addressed the name flub. "You did a great job and I don't think you messed up any names, did you?" she told Meyers, who hosted the prize-giving event. "I didn't, but I mess up names all the time," he replied.

"Let's mess up names right now," Stefani said, and then Meyers began tweaking the names of other coaches on "The Voice". "You work with Adam La Vine and Pharalla," he joked, "You took over for Christina Agalara - Agaloya."

Talking about her new gig on the singing competition show, she said, "It is weird because back in the day we'd go to Kinkos, we'd make our flyers, we'd pass 'em out we'd go to our P.O. box and get our fan mail-like our 10 letters-and then we'd take like 10 weeks to write 'em back. It was just a different time."

She continued, "I remember back a few years ago when Kelly Clarkson came out and I lost all my VMA awards to her and I was like, 'OK, well I guess then now times have changed. You can be on a talent show and make it in music.' So I feel like 'The Voice' now, if you have a single and you want to break your music, that's where you go to play it. It's kind of what's happening right now."

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