Seth Meyers' 'Late Night' Drops Live Band in Budget Cuts

Young night owls and late-night TV aficionados will soon bid farewell to a beloved fixture as the 8G Band is set to bow out this fall due to NBC's budget cuts.

AceShowbiz - NBC has made the difficult decision to drop the 8G Band from "Late Night with Seth Meyers", starting in the show's twelfth season. Keyboardist Eli Janney broke the news in an interview with Vulture, revealing that NBC's budgetary constraints led to this development.

"In the end, NBC was adamant about where they wanted the budget to go," Janney shared. He acknowledged that the cuts were not limited to the band but included other crew members as well.

The 8G Band has been an integral part of "Late Night" since 2014, adding musical flair and a live performance element to the show. Formed by former "Saturday Night Live" star Fred Armisen, the band consists of Janney, guitarist Seth Jabour, bassist Syd Butler and a rotating drummer. Although Armisen fronted the band, he rarely appeared, leaving the aforementioned trio to carry the show's musical moments.

"It's been ten of the best years of my life," Janney stated. "They always really took care of us and let us do what we wanted."

Despite the band's departure, Janney assured fans that the musicians would still contribute to the show by pre-recording walk-on music for guest appearances. "That's one nice thing they’ve worked out," he added, explaining that they'll continue making music, albeit not in a live setting.

NBC's decision aligns with broader industry trends impacted by shifting viewer habits and financial pressures. Traditional broadcasting models have been disrupted by streaming platforms and social media, which has led to declining ratings and subsequent budget evaluations. This climate has seen the exit of several late-night hosts such as James Corden and Trevor Noah, as well as cost-cutting measures at major networks.

Janney reminisced about the unique opportunity the band had to perform regularly, describing it as "a little bit like winning the lottery." The band will celebrate their final week on the show with Armisen returning on drums, marking a bittersweet farewell. According to Janney, everyone knows what's happening and feels a bit sad, but they are focusing on enjoying their remaining time together.

While "Late Night with Seth Meyers" will endure beyond the band's exit, their absence marks a poignant shift in the late-night television landscape, echoing broader changes within the medium.

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