Jack Osbourne Gets Fired, Receives Full Support From Fiancee

Jack Osbourne

The fiance of Lisa Stelly is offended for being denied the job due to his illness, but he says he's lucky to have a loyal partner who helps him go through the emotional ordeal.
It's a tough week for Jack Osbourne. The new dad was denied a job after revealing his multiple sclerosis diagnosis to public, but he gets through it thanks to his fiancee Lisa Stelly. In an interview on "Piers Morgan Tonight", he praises the mother of his daughter, "Lisa is incredibly optimistic, just in her nature she is."

"She's very caring, very nurturing, and she was like, 'Hey, this is not so great news, but let's figure out how to make this a good thing'," the 26-year-old media personality tells Piers Morgan. "And, you know, the prescribed lifestyle with having MS is minimize stress, exercise regularly, eat right and, you know, get a lot of sleep."

He still grapples with his emotion though. "It's usually at night when I'm injecting myself with a giant needle full of stuff that's supposed to keep me out of a wheelchair," he confesses. "I've had a couple moments, where I'm a bit like, 'Ugh, so it's this for the rest of my life or until they come up with something better'."

Regarding the firing, Jack opened up about it when visiting his mother's TV show "The Talk". He unveiled, "I had just booked a job, right when I got diagnosed, and unfortunately the company that hired me didn't think I could actually perform the job." The brother of Kelly Osbourne added, "I was so offended by it."

"Out of everything, that's what has really ticked me off the most because it's like, 'Don't tell me what I can and cannot do'," the son of Ozzy Osbourne went on. "At not one point did anyone ever call and ask me. It was all through agents and lawyers."

Sitting next to her son, Sharon Osbourne additionally said she got the e-mail that told him "you're off the show - too much of a responsibility." She added sarcastically, "It was very nicely handled." On Twitter, she also wrote, "Yes @MrJacko was fired. They said he was a liability & were so personable, sent an email to let us know."

The mother-son duo didn't mention what show or what network that axed him, but rumor suggested it was NBC's new reality game show "Stars Earn Stripes". The contestants are required to complete physically and emotionally challenged games to go to the next level and win the show. It will premiere on August 13.

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