Jessica Simpson: Love Tony Romo's Butt, Hate John Mayer's Racy Comments

Jessica Simpson

In an interview with David Letterman, the 32-year-old beauty shares about her relationships with Tony Romo, whose butt she loves to watch, and John Mayer, whose raunchy comments disappoint her.
Jessica Simpson has opened up about her feelings toward her two famous former boyfriends, Tony Romo and John Mayer. During an interview in "Late Show with David Letterman", the 26-year-old beauty admitted that she still loves to watch the Dallas Cowboy quarterback's game since she likes to see his bottom in the outfit. Meanwhile, on her 32-year-old singer ex-boyfriend, Simpson stated she's still disappointed over his racy comments.

On Romo, Simpson told host David Letterman, "Tony is great, still a friend of mine. I still look at his cute butt in the outfit - uniform." The "Employee of the Month" actress further shared, "I actually got to live a pretty normal life when I dated Tony - other than the whole jinx situation." However, when asked about the reason behind their split, Simpson gushed, "You'd have to ask him that. He broke up with me on my birthday," before adding "We are still good friends."

Questioned about Mayer, Simpson revealed that he has let her down after dishing their sex life as he called her like "sexual napalm" in an interview with Playboy magazine. She stated, "Normally you'd think someone you care about would keep those details to himself. It was definitely a compliment, in a way. I don't really want people to know that about me. I'm like the good girl, then that happened."

Still, when Letterman suggested that she could be good and sexy girl at the same time, the "I Think I'm in Love with You" singer agreed, saying "I am. He gave away my game." She moreover explained, "I will always care about him. I think he's a great person, a great musician, but I was very disappointed by the article."

Jessica Simpson started dating Tony Romo in November 2007 but ended their relationship after Dallas Cowboys' fans blamed her for Romo's bad performance during his games. They eventually broke up on July 9, 2009. Before dating Romo, Simpson had dated John Mayer following her divorce from Nick Lachey. Simpson and Mayer were romantically involved in August 2006, but went their separate ways the next year.

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