Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato Up for a 2010 Duet

In addition to the duet which will also feature Selena Gomez and Tiffany Thornton, there is another collaboration between Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato for Friends for Change.

AceShowbiz - Several Disney stars will be reunited once again later this year. According to Twitter talks, the likes of %cJonas Brothers%, %cMiley Cyrus%, %cDemi Lovato%, %cSelena Gomez%, and %cTiffany Thornton% will enter recording booth together and make a joint track.

Also, rumor suggests that an upcoming duet between %cJoe Jonas% and Demi which was previously hinted on their Twitters actually is a project for Friends for Change, the Mouse House's social campaign which is aimed to raise awareness to preserve the Earth. They reportedly will hook up in a song called "Make a Wave".

This is not the first time Disney Stars are brought together for a duet song. Last year, they teamed up on "Send It On" which was later picked up as an opening theme for Friends for Change. Other stars involved for the project at that time included %cMitchel Musso%, %cBrenda Song%, %cDavid Henrie%, %cSterling Knight% and %cEmily Osment%.

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