Korn Trivia
  1. Has the small stretch of road near Bakersfield, California's Rabobank Arena named after them. It's called "Korn Row."

  2. The band renamed to Korn when Davis joined them in 1993.

  3. Korn guitarists play seven-string guitars.

  4. Korn's "The Family Values Tour" is one of 1998's most successful tours since it featuring everyone from Ice Cube to Limp Bizkit to Rammstein.

  5. Jonathan Davis appeared on special South Park Halloween episode, " Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mistery" (1999).

  6. Davis' singing characteristics and lyrics are inspired by his alleged child abuse.

  7. On their early days, the band played on a road since radio and MTV refused to play their songs.

  8. The band former names were LAPD (Love And Peace Dude) and Creep.

  9. Welch left Korn after turned highly religious and objected to the band's music.