Adam Brody

  • Adam Brody
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Adam Jared Brody
    • Birth Date : December 15, 1979
    • Birth Place : San Diego, California
    • Spouse : Leighton Meester (actress, since Nov-2014)
    • Claim to Fame : As Seth Cohen in TV series "The O.C." (2003)

Adam Brody Biography

Enlisted as a young, talented and handsome newborn star, Adam Brody knew from the very beginning that he had an eye for acting. Being born in San Diego on December 15, 1979, Adam was the oldest among four sons of the Jewish American couple, Mark Brody and Valerie Siefman. Living in the coastal city where there were many beaches, Adam grew up just like any other normal teenagers. He happily sun basking, surfing, skateboarding and having fun with his friends while attending Scripps Ranch High School. Everything seemed to run smoothly for Adam when he told his parents that he wanted to move to L.A. to attend college. However, while studying in MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California he knew something far greater was waiting for him in Hollywood.

Abandoning his academic lessons, he hired the services of an acting coach who eventually loaded him with skills, enough for him to sign a contract with a manager. Earning brief appearances in "The Amanda Show" (1999) and MTV's "The Sausage Factory" (2000) eventually landed him a major part in "Never Land" (2000), a fantasy flick about the deconstruction of Peter Pan tale. More luck was coming up when he was noticed possessing near resemblance to actor Barry Williams who had the same brown and wavy hair. Williams who had played Greg Brady in the famous sitcom "The Brady Bunch", running from 1969 to 1974, wrote every 'behind the scene' happenings of the movie which later on became the story plot of "Growing Up Brady" (2000). Adam's task was to represent the young Barry Williams in the latter movie and it was in fact a quick leap for him who pursued the particular career within only a year span.

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